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Pere Optika

Optiline Grupp OÜ

Address: Jaama 6, Keila
REG. code: 10528251
MKR: EE100666713

Chairman of the board: Jaan Põrk tel. 6620 236
Member of the board: Andres Avango tel. 6620 231
Sales manager: Heli Neudorf tel. 6620 231
Office: Tartu mnt. 18, Tallinn

Dear customer of Pere Optika,

Our wish is to be the best service provider in the field of eye care and eyewear retail in Estonia. Your feedback can help us achieve this professional goal.

The comfort and opinion of our customers is of the utmost importance for Pere Optika. Please share all your expectations, suggestions, critique, problems that you might encounter while visiting Pere Optika. If you would share any pleasant experiences connected with Pere Optika then that would make our day!

If you find anything problematic in our stores or on our website then feel free to let us know and we will make sure that your voice will be heard and the problem solved as fast as optically possible. If you help us to learn to be better then we can work harder to become better and offer you first class service.

You can give us feedback anonymously but if you wish a personal response then please share your name and e-mail address with us. Let’s communicate and create the best eyewear service in Estonia.

Job offers

Currently available job offer:

  • Optometrist

    Please apply if you:

    • You are eager to work with state-of-the-art professional equipment.
    • You have an optometrists diploma or are studying to get one.
    • You are fluent in a foreign language (Russian, English or Finnish).
    • You have a positive outlook on life, you are eager to learn, develop and achieve great professional results.


    Please send us your CV and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

    We are currently looking for an optometrist for our eyewear store in Viimsi.

    If you have any further questions feel free to contact us:

About Pere Optika
Pere Optika is an eyewear store for the entire family. We wish to offer personal touch to everything concerning eye care. Eyes are the window to the soul and taking care of your eyes helps to make your soul glow.
Pere Optika eyewear stores are present in nine counties over Estonia. Pere Optika is a family eyewear store. Shopkeepers with a keen eye for style, opticians with quick fingers and optometricians with sharp eyesight are at your service in all our stores.


You should visit us for professional advice about optical lenses or spectacle glasses. If you wish to get good tips for buying spectacle frames that fit your personal style then Pere Optika shopkeepers are here for you. Pere Optika will do its best for the sake of your eyesight.

Optiline Grupp OÜ opened it’s first shop in the town of Keila on the outskirts of Tallinn in 1998. Today Pere Optika has 35 eyewear stores all over Estonia.

Pere Optika as a company works hard to make sure that our stores are up to date with all the latest style trends and technical solutions for the good of our customers’ eyesight. We offer products for people of all ages, different tastes and financial opportunities. From Pere Optika you can find spectacles fit for playing and studying for the youngest members of the family. We have trendy and youthful brands for teenagers, functional spectacles for professional and active grown-ups. We offer a large collection of the best and the most exclusive brands of the eyewear world. You’ll find bargains for seniors, sunglasses with a wide range of styles as well as contact lenses and accessories.

Pere Optika is an eyewear store for the entire family. We offer a wide array of offers for customers who visit our stores with their loved ones. We have developed four special offers called the Family Offer, the Whole Family Offer, the Buddy Offer and the Sweetheart Offer. Offers that are fit for a family eyewear store. You can read more about them from our Offers page (link).

Pere Optika’s wish is to make good eyesight possible for everyone and in order to achieve this we have created a charity fund to collect funds for supporting Estonian large families with spectacles. Together we can help give good-quality eyesight to more Estonians .

The professional collective of Pere Optika constantly expands their optical knowledge at international exhibitons and trainings. This way we are able to offer our customers the best service possible. We have the finest technology and the most accurate optometrists and technicians to examine your eyes, prescribe contact lenses and to make and repair spectacles.

See you in Pere Optika!

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