Doing good together

Now you can support maintaining the health of the eyes of the kids of the Estonian large families! Make your contribution into the Pere Optika charity fund “Eyes are the Window for Your Heart”. 10 cents is gathered from each transaction made in Pere Optika eyewear stores. This way we can collect the funds and help the kids of Estonian large families get the eyewear they need. This will make it easier for them to live a happier life.

“Eyes are the Window for Your Heart” is a charity fund created in co-operation between Pere Optika and Estonian Association of Large Families.

It was created to offer a chance for everyone to participate in making it possible for the youth of Estonia to have the best possible eyesight.

The first children to benefit from the fund were three members of Jürgenson family from Kehra. They are 7-year-old Roland, 15-year-old Rico and 18-year-old Birete.

Read on for more information about „Eyes are the Window for Your Heart“. How can you participate and who benefits from our mutual efforts.

Eyes are the Window for Your Heart

We experience life with our eyes. We can notice the people around us. We can enjoy the beauty of nature. We can discover the little things in life that interest us and make us happy. We can get our everyday activities done without too much hassle. Our eyes can help lead the way towards making our dreams come true.

An eye that can behold clearly teaches a child to notice the details of life. It makes it easier for them to concentrate and helps build curiosity and solid foundations for their entire life. The health of eyesight should be a common virtue for every child. This way it’s easier for them to remember the beauty of life, store visual information and memories.

Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to have good eyesight. They need optical assistance in order to live a normal life. Such assistance is especially important for an evolving organism. For children who are only beginning getting to know themselves and the world surrounding them. Children need the best care in order to be able to develop their skills and gain knowledge.

Good health is a gift that needs to be cared for. Healthy eyesight helps you to have a clear mind and concentrate on the things you love. Healthy eyesight is especially essential to children because they obtain 80% of their knowledge visually.

Pere Optika has a mission to make this 80% as clearly obtainable to every child in Estonia as possible. That’s why we have taken upon us to try and make eyecare easily accesible for all the children of Estonia. It will take time but with concentrated effort we can get there.

We created the charity fund “Eyes are the Window for Your Heart” in co-operation with the Estonian Association of Large Families and the Estonian Lions Clubs. This fund was made to help improve the eyesight of the school-age members of Estonian large families. Families who otherwise would have to spend a big bulk of their income to support the optical needs of their children. This way they can invest these funds into family activities.

Together we hope to relieve some of the financial pressure of Estonian families. We want to offer the gift of quality eyesight for Estonian children. To help them learn, do sports and concentrate on their hobbies.

Children are the future of Estonia!

How does „Eyes are the Window for your Heart“ work?

The concept of „Eyes are the Window for your Heart“ has been created in co-operation with the Estonian Association of Large Families and the Estonian Lions Clubs. In our efforts we hope to raise awareness among children and their parents about eye care. „Eyes are the Window for your Heart“ is a charity project that consists of two parts.

The first part involves the large families of Estonia, Pere Optika eyewear stores and the customers of Pere Optika. Each transaction that a customer makes in a Pere Optika store will automatically donate 10 cents into the fund for acquiring glasses for the children of Estonian large families. The Estonian Association of Large Families collects information about families who need help the most. Together we can reach out to them. If you think your family has a vital need for some optical help or if you know a family that does, then please fill out or share this form.

The glass aid will be delivered to the families as soon as the necessary sum has been collected and their eye prescriptions have been delivered to Pere Optika optometrists.

We have created a donation fund which collects 10 cents from every transaction made in Pere Optika eyewear stores. These funds are used for ordering the spectacle lenses and frames for the children that need them the most.

There is also a possibility for each customer to donate a sum that they feel comfortable with. In return we will offer you our deepest gratitude and a „Benefactor“ cleaning cloth.

You can contribute to the „Eyes are the Window for your Heart“ charity fund by visiting a Pere Optika eyewear store and make a donation or find a solution for your personal optics needs. Find your nearest store from here.

The second part of „Eyes are the Window for your Heart“ project involves Lions Clubs of Estonia, the work of ophthalmologists of Pere Optika and first-graders of Estonian elementary schools. We wish to raise awareness of children and their parents about taking better care of their eyesight. We will have a mobile ophthalmologist attending schools all over Estonia. We wish to make regular eye check-ups a normal part of Estonian school year for first-graders.

Who will be helped by our efforts?

„Eyes are the Window for your Heart“ was born out of necessity of creating a society where people support each other. Pere Optika found its supportive output in making eyewear and eye care accessible to people who otherwise maybe couldn’t afford it or would have to sacrifice a large portion of their monthly budget to afford taking care of their kids’ eyesight.

We wish to support children because their well-being makes Estonia a happier and more fun place to be.

We wish to support children because their education, ability to concentrate and curiosity is important to us.

We wish to support children because sometimes they may break a pair of glasses in the heat of fun. But fun is what children have to be able to have.

We wish that children would have the freedom to play and the freedom to see as well as possible.

We wish to support children because we believe that with support they will grow up to be caring, helpful and supportive human beings.

We wish that best possible eye care would be available in Estonia.

We wish to teach children how to take better care of their eyes.

We wish that an ophthalmologist could take a look at the eyes of Estonian kids at the right time.

We believe that you have to start from somewhere.

Let’s start together!

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