Feel Good Super Plus
Feel Good Super Plus Package is the best solution for people with stonger prescriptions who want thinner and lighter lenses for their glasses. Our best package also has a wider selection of frames and JP Lunettes is included in the selection.


Feel Good Super Plus Package costs 99€ and includes Feel Good or JP Lunettes plastic or metal frames together with 1.6 index lenses with anti-reflective coating.

Feel Good Super Plus Package gives you:

  • quality plastic or metal frames from “Feel Good” or “JP Lunettes” brands
  • hard-coated 1.6 index plastic lenses with anti-reflection coating

Feel Good Super Plus package includes anti-reflective lenses, which provide you with the best sharpness due to reduced reflections from the glass. These lenses are best for people working in an artificial light or who spend a lot of time using computers. Anti-reflective lenses are also recommended for drivers as it reduces reflections from the windscreen as well as reflections from the road. Lenses with anti-reflection coating can gurantee you the best result.

Feel Good Super Plus lenses are all made with the latest technology and use even higher 1.6 index, which make them thinner and lighter when compared to normal lenses. This means even lighter and more beautiful lenses for people with higher prescriptions. Highly recommendable for people using -3.0 or above lenses. Higher 1.6 index allows a wider range of prescriptions to be fitted in the package.

Package includes lenses in + 6.00…- 6.00 cyl -2* range

* if your prescription does not match the pointed range, come to the shop and we will find a personal solution to match your eyes.

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