The Whole Family Offer
Healthy eyesight for the whole family with fair prices! Your family will get a 30% discount if at least three of you choose spectacles or sunglasses from Pere Optika eyewear stores.


The Whole Family Offer applies only when you visit Pere Optika with several of your family members and all of you select something from our collection. The offer will apply to three family members or more at once.

The better protected the eyes of your family are the more confident your family can feel when making your way in the world.

The Whole Family Offer of Pere Optika applies only on site of our eyewear stores. If you wish to use the perks of the Whole Family Offer but are not sure how it works then please turn to our shop attendants for assistance. The Whole Family Offer applies to both spectacles as well as sunglasses.

The Whole Family Offer applies as a separate discount so no further discounts will apply for the products chosen.



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