If you need to check your eyes, need help with fitting your contact lenses or are in need of any repairs, then visit Pere Optika stores across Estonia and our professional team will find a solution for your problem.


Pere Optika services are designed to offer best care for your eyes and your glasses. Choose your desired service from the menu on the left and tell us about your problem. You can register an appointment in any of our 35 shops around Estonia.

Prilliraamide valikul usalda prillimüüja nõuandeid


Prilliraamide valikul tuleb arvestada mitmeid pisidetaile, mis aitavad kandmismugavust oluliselt parendada. Küsi julgelt nõu meie müüjatelt, nemad on asjatundjad, kes täiendavad ennast pidevalt ning kellede eesmärgiks on pakkuda parimaid valikuid.

Prilliraamid on muutunud täna oluliseks aksessuaariks. Ei pea olema + või – nägemist, ka 0 klaasidega prille võib kanda igapäevalt, luues põnevaid kombinatsioone kus prilliraam harmoneerub riietuse, ehete, soengu ja/või jumestusega.



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  • Kliki, et näha soovitusi, kuidas nägemiskontrolliks valmistuda:
    • Broneeri aeg nägemiskontrolli Sulle lähimas Pere Optikas
    • Juhul kui oled juba prillikandja, siis võta kaasa kasutusel olevad prillid või viimane prilliretsept.
    • Juhul kui kannad igapäevaselt kontaktläätsi, siis palume Sul neid ca neli tundi enne nägemiskontrolli mitte kanda.
    • Proovi enne nägemiskontrolli tulekut korralikult välja puhata ja end haigustest terveks ravida. Nõnda saab Sinu prilliretsept kõige täpsem.
    • Arvesta nägemiskontrolliks ca 15-30 minutit, sest lisaks silmade kontrollimisele antakse Sulle ka lühike konsultatsioon, kuidas oma silmade ja prillide eest kõige tõhusamalt hoolt kanda.
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Measuring eye pressure
Measuring eye pressure is an important procedure. It is recommended to everyone above the age 40 and people, who have family members with glaucoma.

High eye pressure is relevant in order to discover glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease which leads to vision loss and optic nerve damage. Its main symptom is high eye pressure, which usually cannot be dicovered on your own. Ask about measuring eye pressure in our Pere Optika stores!

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LIISI lease-service
If you need glasses fast, but lack necessary funds, ask for LIISI. LIISI is the easiest lease-purchase service in Estonia that has been our partner for many years.

With LIISI you are able to choose suitable down-payment and appropriate lease period. After making the first down-payment, you can wear your glasses and pay the rest afterwards.

LIISI advantages:

  • It does not matter which bank are you using.
  • You can lease either one product or a bigger shopping cart.
  • You will get your lease contract within minutes inside the shop.
  • You can always change your contract for free.

LIISI terms:

  • Contract fee is 0€!
  • You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • Contract period: 2 to 13 months.
  • No minimum amount.

How to do it?

  • Contract can be done inside the shop.
  • Contract is printed and signed by the seller.
  • After signing the contract and paying the down-payment you are able to receive your purchase immediately.
  • Payments must be made to OÜ Koduliising bank account noted in the contract.
If you have any problems with your glasses, then come to Pere Optika and we will help you solve your problem. Find your closest shop here.

We offer a wide selection of repairs and provide you with screws, nosepads, temples and even do laser-welding for broken frames. We also help you with bending and cleaning and change lenses for well-used frames.

NB! Pere Optika is not responsible for any damages done to older frames.

If you need to repair your frames then please fill in the following form. Please be aware that repairing your glasses can take up to 7 days.

Your eyes’ well-being is our highest goal. Our well-experienced optometrists will take the best care of your eyes. Register to an eye-exam in any of our stores across Estonia.

Pere Optika helpful optometrists perform eye-exams and prescribe contact lenses. We work with precise, high-quality equipment and offer the best solutions to specifically match the needs of your eyes.

We recommend to check your eyes after every two years. We can help you to take care of your eyes, but you have to take the first step your-self.

Fill in the following form and register for an examination – it is as easy as that!

  • Click here to see how to prepare for an eye-exam:
    • Book a time in your closest Pere Optika store.
    • If you already have a glasses then bring along your previous glasses and latest prescription.
    • Try to not wear contact lenses at least 4 hours before the examination.
    • Rest your eyes! Do not come when sick as it can dramaticcaly change the results.
    • Eye-exams can take up to 30 minutes and a short consultation is always necessary in order to explain how to take the best care of your eyes.
Prescribing contact lenses
Contact lenses are prescribed at our stores by experienced and helpful optometrists. We will also consult you on how the contact lenses should be fitted and worn.

We will help you choose the right size and type of contact lenses to meet your particular needs. By doing that we will make sure that the lenses are comfortable and do not impair your eyes’ health in any way.

An after-check is necessary to assess possible changes that may occur as a result of constantly wearing contact lenses.

Fill in the following form and register an appointment with our optometrist:

  • Click here to read our recommendations for contact lenses users:
    • Wash and dry your hands carefully beforehand.
    • Make sure that both of the lenses aren’t damaged.
    • Always wash your contact lenses with special cleaning fluid before and after using your lenses.
    • Contact lenses must be contained in a closed container filled with special fluid.
    • Always use fresh and clean fluid and don’t mix different fluids together. Consult your optometrist which fluids can fit your needs best.
    • Always keep in mind instructions given by your optometrist or eye-doctor.
    • Do not put your contact lenses into your mouth.
    • Never use spit or water to clean your contact lenses or the container.
    • Fit your contact lenses into your eye before putting on make-up. Also remove your contact lenses before removing your make-up.
    • Only use eye-drops that are safe to use with your contact lenses. Consult with your doctor!
    • If any problems arise, stop using contact lenses immediately and consult with your doctor!
    • You should only use daily contact lenses for swimming. Only use them together with swimming-goggels.
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